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ARTS-2326 Sculpture Project One

The initial sketch:

The template I constructed based on the sketch:

A maquette (3-D mockup) made out of cardboard:

Another view of the maquette:

I cut the pieces out of mild steel using a torch:

I used a grinder to smooth the edges of the pieces:

I was going to use a square base but found a rectangular piece of steel that was perfect:

I then used the grinder to clean up the steel pieces some more:

The observant among you will notice the piece on the far right is different than the one shown above,
I felt it the sculpture would look better if I used thicker steel for the vertical piece:

I also used the grinder to do some initial clean up the base:

I used a magnet to hold the wings at 90 degrees so that they could be welded:

I should have cleaned up the edges to be welded a little better but in the end it did not matter:

The wings after I welded them together:

The piece once I welded the wings on to the body:

Another photo of the piece after the wings were welded on:

See the final result here

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