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Learning to Weld

My dad was a carpenter and I learned a lot about construction working with him summers after I graduated from high school and when I first attended Rice University.

One thing I never learned how to do was weld. I finally started welding in my Sculpture course today and the results can be seen below:

An experienced welder will look at it and say my welding sucks. I don't care because it was the first time I did it, I will only get better with time. The main thing to remember is that welding, like any skill worth learning, takes practice to perfect.

This result should be called "welding study #1", however, since artists like to give their work pretentious names I think I am going to call it "Rome was not built in a day".

I like this particular picture because my cat Buddy decided to photo-bomb me. I guess he wanted to see what the fuss was all about...

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