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Javier Rios' Models at Realms Con

In 2005 I had a chance to go to Realms Con, a sci-fi / fantasy / anime convention held in Corpus Christi Texas. As a big sci-fi and anime fan I had a really good time there.

I wanted to show you all the three large-scale models my good friend Javier Rios had on display there. To view the three models Javier displayed at Realms Con click on "read more" below.

The three models Javier displayed included (from left to right) the Metaluna Mutant from the movie This Island Earth, a Mole Man from the movie The Mole People and the B9 robot from the Lost In Space TV show.
A detailed photo of the Lost In Space robot.

A detailed photo of the Mole Man.
A detailed photo of the Metaluna Mutant.
The photos were taken by John Garza, a member of the USS Bexar Star Trek Club

The USS Bexar is located in San Antonio Texas and they are a great bunch of folks.

Javier and I would like to thank John for graciously providing us with these photos!

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